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Sweet Soul

Sweet Soul is a vibrant and inspiring clothing brand specializing in trendy and funny graphic tees for both moms and tweens. Designed to resonate with its target audience of ladies aged 30-60 and tween girls aged 8-16, the brand offers unique, ready-to-wear pieces that infuse joy, positivity, and a dash of humor into everyday style. With a strong emphasis on fostering an uplifting community, Sweet Soul celebrates the journey of womanhood and the sweet bond between mothers and daughters, empowering them to express their personality and share their stories through fashion. Each piece from Sweet Soul is more than just a garment – it's a statement of love, strength, and individuality.

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Marketing & Buyer Packages

Managed the design and procurement of marketing and buyer packages, overseeing and

participating in the creation of essential promotional materials such as flyers, invites, and posters.

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Social Media, Influencer Management, Website Design & Photography 

Spearheaded social media management, encompassing scheduling, content creation, influencer coordination,

and event planning. Additionally, contributed to website design and orchestrated engaging photoshoots.

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Graphics & Cads

Guided a team and participated in setting seasonal trends for graphics, CADS, and fabric/color direction, fostering a collaborative environment to create compelling and on-trend designs.

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