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I'm Nefra Rolle

I love transforming creative ideas into captivating design with my experience of 18+ years as a designer. I excel at proficiently leading teams, building boutique brands, and harnessing trends for innovative design. With a commitment to embracing technology and creativity, I'm optimistically excited to shape the future of design and our world.


Nefra Rolle

Apparel Designer and Director

Los Angeles California | 917-805-8216 | | LinkedinPortfolio

A dynamic, motivated Apparel Designer and Director with the experience and proven work ethic to guide and support collection ideation, boutique brand development, seasonal planning, business development, team building, and more. Dedicated leader who is known for delivering excellent service in fast-paced and challenging environments, with the skillset to integrate creativity and innovation into unique apparel designs while utilizing technology advancements to optimize the design process. Out-of-the-box thinker with the skills to research market trends, manage key projects, facilitate global business, and lead diverse individuals.

Core Competencies

  • Apparel and Fashion Design

  • Collection Development

  • Project Management

  • Business Acumen

  • Team Leadership

  • Team Building

  • Innovative/Creative Concepts

  • Brand Consistency

  • Trend Forecasting

  • Market Analysis

  • Talent Identification

  • Designer Mentorship

  • Marketing/Showroom Events

  • Process Development

  • Product Sourcing

  • Vendor Relations

  • Problem Solving

  • Emotional Intelligence

Work Experience 

Fashion Surplus Importers
Fashion Director

Los Angeles, California

May 2015 - Present

  • Led and directed multiple teams in the successful creation and launch of over 100 private label brands, driving brand development and ensuring market success.

  • Demonstrate apparel design expertise while originating, creating, and launching over 100 private label brands, resulting in significant brand expansion and market success, while overseeing cross- functional teams.
    Conceptualize and deliver innovative market strategies at monthly sales meetings with a focus on seamless coordination and impactful presentations, ultimately increasing sales and brand awareness. This effectively grew the Paper Flower boutique brand year over year to a multi-million dollar wholesale business.

  • Train, guide, and motivate a dedicated and productive design team, fostering creativity and collaboration for brand photo shoots, website design, and other visual representations.
    Monitor, assess, and ensure brand coherence and consistency by maintaining high standards of visual identity across all brand assets and marketing materials including the website, Faire, photoshoots, trade show signage and buyer/influencer gifting.

  • Develop and implement quality assurance protocols and grow the efficiency of existing organizational processes and procedures to enhance and sustain the organization’s internal capacity.
    Devise seasonal, promotional, and event marketing strategies and plan seasonal display concepts with internal and externvisual merchandising teams.

  • Institute retail promotion programs, including retailer panels, PR events, and trade shows, and provide internal and external communication on fashion trends, product features, and initiatives.

Design Director

Los Angeles, California

May 2013 - May 2015

  • Partnered with domestic screen printers, fabric vendors/mills, and internal sample and pattern makers throughout the development and timely delivery of final samples, enabling the sales team to optimally showcase products.
    Presided over design assistants, pattern makers, and sample makers in LA offices in addition to managing fittings, fabric selection, and trim sourcing with domestic vendors and in India.

  • Engaged with a team of designers located across the USA and India to monitor work from initial trend concept to finished garments and cultivated strong partnerships while on location at overseas factories in India.
    Designed detailed, trend-specific mood boards by applying research and analytical results to inform design decisions and stay ahead of market trends.

  • Influenced seasonal fashion trends by conducting extensive market research in key fashion hubs, such as LA, London, and New York, ensuring the brand's continuous innovation and market relevance.
    Developed well-organized fashion design time and action plans, created new fashion concepts, and coordinated with other internal teams to create effective strategies.

  • Shared fashion recommendations and analyses to help select inventory purchases.

Art Director

New York, New York

Sept 2010 - May 2013

  • Achieved success in leading the complete design process for Plus, Missy, Juniors, and Children and designed seasonal color cards to guide the color palette for each collection, maintaining cohesion and trend alignment.

  • Conversed with factories in China and India to provide detailed tech packs, original graphics, and approvals for strike-offs, lab dips, knit downs, and trims.

New York, New York

Sept 2008 - Sept 2010

Senior Designer

  • Spearheaded all activities related to the design of Plus, Missy, Juniors, and Children CAD, bringing creative visions to life through digital design and illustration.

  • Originated and produced unique labels, hang tags, invitations, and signage as required, infusing each design with brand identity and visual appeal.

Oved Apparel
Senior Designer

New York, New York

Sept 2007 - Sept 2008

  • Provided end-to-end oversight of the design process for the Mecca Girls knitwear line and the Vigoss Girls denim line, ensuring successful execution from concept to finished products.

  • Managed efficient email correspondence with overseas factories, maintaining clear communication channels and addressing design-related queries and production issues.

  • Developed unique denim pocket designs for the Vigoss Girls line, adding distinctive visual elements and enhancing brand identity.

  • Collaborated closely with the girls' head designer and design director to create comprehensive CADs and color cards, effectively capturing the vision and aesthetic of each brand.

  • Orchestrated the development of seasonal collections for both Mecca Girls and Vigoss Girls, ensuring alignment with brand guidelines and maintaining the design integrity of each line.

Lucy Sykes New York & Kids

New York, New York

May 2005 - Sept 2007

  • Collaborated closely with Lucy Sykes Rellie on the design and development of her Children's and ladies' designer clothing line, contributing from concept to completion.

  • Facilitated efficient email correspondence with overseas factories to ensure smooth communication and timely production.

  • Assisted in managing both domestic (NY) and overseas production (China) to maintain high quality standards and meet project deadlines.

  • Created comprehensive line sheets, look books, CADs, and color cards to showcase the collection during trade shows and presentations.

  • Traveled to China for factory visits and quality control, ensuring adherence to design specifications and production standards.

  • Curated and prepared gift packages for celebrity clients and influencers to enhance brand visibility and strengthen relationships.

  • Created detailed tech packs and graphics, ordered fabrics and trim for domestic production, and initiated the initial development specifications to streamline the production process.

Extensive knowledge in


Adobe Illustrator to

create CAD sketches

Adobe Photoshop to

design & edit photos.

Canva to create

marketing tools & decks.


Microsoft Office for

email & document creation.

Later to plan and schedule

social media content.

Google Drive & Docs for

email & document creation.


Shopify for website design & management 


Faire for wholesale sales

and marketing 


Brandboom for wholesale

sales and inventory management

Other Skills


Team Management


Brand Development


Trend Forecasting


Market Events & Showroom Design 




Tech Packs & Fitting


Strike Off & Lab dip



Print Techniques

& Washes


Photoshoots & Talent 



2001 - 2005

BFA in Fashion Design with Honors

Pratt Institute 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

During my time at Pratt Institute, I immersed myself in the world of fashion design, honing my skills and expanding my creative perspective. The rigorous curriculum provided me with a solid foundation in design principles, garment construction, and trend forecasting. Collaborating with talented peers and industry professionals, I developed a keen eye for detail and a passion for pushing boundaries in the world of fashion. Pratt Institute equipped me with the knowledge and expertise to excel in the fast-paced and ever-evolving fashion industry.

Awards And Honors

  • Received The Robert Mendez "Best In Show" Award for senior thesis, 2005

  • Received The Pratt Institute "Best In Show" Award for junior thesis, 2004 Theta Phi Alpha Philanthropic Fraternity founding member and Pledge Sister

  • Educator for the Gamma Eta chapter at Pratt Institute, 2002


  • Koinonia Family Services, Los Angeles Ca, May 2022 - Present

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